The Team

In 2009, on a mission to bring gin of uncompromising quality and character back to the city where it all began, we threw open our blue doors of hope on Nasymth Street and launched a traditional copper distillery which, and we're a little overexcited about this, no one had done in London for nearly 200 years. It was to mark the beginning of a gin distilling renaissance in London. And who doesn't love a renaissance.

We handcraft our gin in small batches with skill, care and an almost fetishistical love. Only ever taking the heart of the spirit, and never made from concentrate, this is gin made the way it used to be, the way it should be. The result is stunningly smooth, full of character and exploding with flavour.

We like to think buildings have a soul. Our original site, on Nasymth Street in Hammersmith, was once home to the esteemed whisky expert Michael Jackson, and before that, was the micro-brewery for a local pub. In 2014 - committed to the distilling standards we founded Sipsmith with - the Sipsmith word began to spread and we out grew our little garage. We moved 5 minutes down the road (to a slightly larger garage) that could house not only Patience and Constance (Prudence's younger sisters) but our growing team of empassioned Sipsmiths too.

We'd be delighted for you to join us for a tour and tasting and see where it all happens.

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Sipsmith HQ

83 Cranbrook Road, home to Prudence, Patience and Constance and where every bottle of Sipsmith Gin is meticulously handcrafted.

Sipsmith has brought a passion for handmade spirits to London, the home of gin.

Country Life


After years drinking as an amateur, Fairfax turned passionately professional with the launch of Sipsmith. He thoroughly enjoys his work.


What do you do if you love going out, love meeting people, love gin and live in London? You could start a distillery. Sam did.


Drinks historian. Underwear model. Book publisher. Bon Viveur. Cotswold gardener. Gin lover. Creative genius. Master Distiller.


She's a beautiful and complicated lady. If you understand her mysterious feminine ways, treat her gently and lovingly, she can do amazing things.


Sales sage, minstrel lover, crisp fiend.


Off trade guru, Martini Maestro and Maggie's mum.


Sales stalwart. Keeper of Two Phones.


An old-school gentleman, spends his time in Britain's best pubs.


Officially taken over Georgie's On Trade basket of dreams. A delight.


International Man of 'Gin'sytry. We still don't believe it's a real job.


The man who make things impeccable. Also answers to 'The Other Sam' and 'Brand Experience Baron'


Martini Thrower extraordinaire, often confused for Fairfax's brother.


USA brand Ambassador supporting Swanny from across the pond.

Felix J

Defected from Fuller's to the dark side. VJOPerations mastermind.


Crafter of concoctions and full-time carer to our copper cuties


Patron of Partnerships and Tour Queen


Belgian Gin King


Orders Queen. Getting gin to you on time!


Ambassador to Manchester


Wizard of the digital variety. Mainly found sipping coffee or gin.


Resident juniper-berry-counter / accountant. Loves a tipple.


Queen of Off trade, mainly found singing or ginning, Poirot's biggest fan.


Generally found chatting gin at various events in the UK. Otherwise on the dancefloor.


Project queen, sipper of gin


Imbiber of Irn Bru, scoffer of scotch eggs, occasional kilt wearing GINtleman


Unsuccessful football player, successful gin drinker and designer extraordinaire.


Sipping service hero to the rescue


Empress of Events. Gin Party Planner Extraordinaire. Avid Sipsmith Sipper.


Our Queen of the North


Marketing overlord; sharing the Sipsmith love, one sipper at a time.

Our Spirits

All handcrafted in small batches