The Team

After years in the drinks industry, we struck out on our own to pursue our passion for beautifully handmade spirits. We call ourselves “sip-smiths” to celebrate the craft of distillation and our artisanal methods.

How it all started

Meet Prudence

Prudence is the first copper still to launch in London for nearly 200 years. We designed her with Germany's oldest distillery producers, Christian Carl. She is the only one like this in the world

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History of Gin

The history of Gin is a long and illustrious one. Indeed, Juniper has been married with alcohol for centuries, and in many different guises, but it is London that is considered to be the nucleus of this great spirit that we know and love as Gin.

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Our Process

We make our spirits by hand in genuinely small batches – just a few hundred bottles a time. We passionately believe this is the only way to craft spirits of this quality.

How we make our spirits

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If you share our passion for exceptional, hand-crafted spirits, and want to learn more about ours.

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Our Spirits

All handcrafted in small batches