The Sipsmith Process

We make our spirits by hand in genuinely small batches with dedicated Distillers - Jared and Ollie watching over every drop of every batch. We passionately believe this is the only way to craft spirits of this quality. Inspired by the two hundred years of London distilling history we have inherited, we balance modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques. We like to think that old meets new and the two get on really quite spectacularly.

It is a labour of love, with so much passion, care and attention invested in every drop.

Sipsmith Chris

A true labour of love

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Distilling our gin involves carefully balancing a whole host of aromatic botanicals to create a drink that is dry, spicy and full of character.

In this process, Prudence bypasses the distillation column to retain the intensity of the botanicals. Her sisters Patience and Constance don't have a column as they are dedicated to distilling gin.

Sipsmith London Dry, and all Sipsmith gins, remain one of the only gins in the world handcrafted traditionally using the uncompromising 'one-shot' method, rather than as a concentrate.

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Sipsmith Barley Vodka

In this process, both the copper and the 5 plates in the distillation column are the key to purity.

Copper is crucial to the purification process as it removes the impurities from the barley spirit. It is then cut, in a similar way to a single malt whisky, separating the heart from the heads and tails.

As a result, we acheieve a truly pure vodka via our hands-on process rather than by using filtration, which means we retain the lovely, natural flavours.

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All handcrafted in small batches