Our botanicals are carefully sourced from all over the globe. They're a cosmopolitan mix but traditional at the same time. There is nothing here that would surprise a master-distiller from the nineteenth century.

The best botanicals make the best gin - no way around it.

Sipsmith Jared

Macedonian Juniper Berries

No. 1 of 10

The fundamental ingredient that makes Sipsmith London Dry Gin taste, well, like gin! It’s the oils that we want so we macerate the berries in warm spirit overnight to burst the skins and release the essences.

Seville Orange Peel

No. 2 of 10

Grown along the streets of Seville and also known as ‘bitter orange’, this fruit has a wonderful tartness that delivers a zesty citrus note on the palate with marmalade overtones.

Spanish Lemon Peel

No. 3 of 10

The other key citrus element, lemon peel adds a subtle brightness to the citrus notes of Sipsmith London Dry Gin, showing on the palate as a hint of lemon tart.

Italian Orris Root

No. 4 of 10

Orris root is the root of the iris flower, and delivers a delicate floral, fragrant note to our London Dry Gin whilst serving to bind the other botanicals together to deliver a harmonious flavour profile.

Spanish Liquorice Root

No. 5 of 10

Liquorice root adds an attractive bittersweet undertone, and equally importantly neutralises any bitterness from other botanicals to allow their properties to shine through in Sipsmith London Dry Gin.

Belgian Angelica Root

No. 6 of 10

Similar to the orris root, angelica acts as a binding agent to promote the harmony of the other botanicals. It also adds its own dry characteristic and helps to provide the wonderfully long, dry Sipsmith finish.

Madagascan Cinnamon Bark

No. 7 of 10

Madagascan cinnamon bark adds a delicately sweet spiciness to the botanical mix, similar to (and from the same family as) cassia, it is an essential component of the rounded Sipsmith recipe.

Chinese Cassia Bark

No. 8 of 10

Hailing all the way from China, and from the same family as cinnamon, cassia bark adds a hints of sweet, warm spice to the Sipsmith recipe.

Spanish Ground Almond

No. 9 of 10

Spanish ground almond is used to bring delicate spiciness and marzipan notes and adds depth and body to Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin.

Bulgarian Coriander Seed

No. 10 of 10

A mellow spiciness and a long finish with hints of citrus and a hint of peppery ginger, is derived from the addition of coriander seed to the Sipsmith botanical mix.

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